Ultrasound : philips iu22  

The Intelligence of philips iu22 ultrasound is a valuable aid in the category of medical ultrasound, with its high-definition images and 'good automation that allows you to develop diagnostic thesis to the limits of accuracy. Tool multidiagnostic recently built which ensures high performance. Fully digital, it features new and advanced technologies that set a new record in the world of 'ultrasound.With the system iU22, the three-dimensional and capacity and Four-dimensional are available for the first time on a system of ultrasound high level.With the latter, the images have reached an extraordinary perfection of clarity and precision. The powerful 3D architecture also allows the Scanner and Camera Wizard images of unprecedented and a number of system data that allow to realize real time diagnosis.The difference of this new product medical product compared to the old equipment diagnostic investigation consists in the fact that it does not use ionizing radiation but, ultrasound. Diagnostic tests that the machine is capable of processing are among other things: the study of the abdomen of the female genitalia (pelvic ultrasound, transvaginal and obstetrics), the male reproductive system (prostate ultrasound, transrectal and testicular) , the musculo-skeletal system of the urinary, breast and thyroid. The use of modern ultrasound means also allows the study of internal organs, both for the anatomical aspect that functional style 'echograph iu 22 philips fact is also used in' Internistics, in cardiology, for the diagnosis abdominal, gynecological, endocrinologicae muscle-tendon. Finally, and very important function Eco-color Doppler vascular structures, with detailed studies of all the vital organs.Philips iU 22 is now considered the best product on the market.Oltre quality also has the advantage of being easy to handle and then transported to different places thus overcoming the problem even in small emergency rooms, ensuring the sick and applicants diagnostic imaging, speed of action and research quickly.